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How You Know You’ve Made It in the Financial World

How You Know You’ve Made It in the Financial World
Wall Street

“The bags have become a right of passage for most on Wall Street – a way to wear all the blood and tears spilled over countless pitchbooks.” - Street of Walls

The world of Wall Street has been centered around a pecking order placing the young, less experienced hungry at the bottom of the food chain. While trying to make it up the ranks there is one item that will signify their success in the financial and banking world. This hot commodity is the banker bag. But why does every young financier want to get their hands on one of their own? Well, they are definitely a status symbol and sends the message that the owner had a good education that is now followed by a good career. These bags aren’t just used for professional purposes either! Owners have been known to use them for the gym, on weekend trips, and vacations. Luckily, us here at Bankerbags NYC can make custom banker bags so you can join the elite group of banker bag users! Contact us and we’ll talk Wall Street trends!



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